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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2017. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Photos of fly fishers and fishermen, grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)


Lars Lenth

Video Lars&Lars at Landsjøen in June 2013




27th of October. Roger Johansen (Norway) landed 15 graylings in the afternoon. All with nymph.



6th of October. Harry van der Linden (right) and Gerhard van der Westen (Holland) visitied Gjerfloen Flyfishing this week. They landed 2 brown trouts and 147 graylings. Mainly super pupa presented as wet fly.


Norwegian Cup Winner

1st of October. Terje Haugen Lie winner of the Norwegian Cup Flyfishing on Gjerfloen Flyfishing this week end with 70 graylings. 16 competitors landed 574 graylings during the match.




9th of September. Karl Stain Tafjord and Joaquin Santana, Norway, having nymph fishing instruction on Gjerfloen Flyfishing. The instructors landed 100 graylings Friday and Saturday. All with nymphs.



9th of September. Sebastian Zak, Rafal Kania, Krzysztof Dumana, Krzysztof Zoladz and Jacek Olesiak, Poland, landed 214 graylings from 6th (Wednesday) to 8th (Friday) under difficult conditions. 33 of the graylings were +40 cms. 2 of the were +45 cms. All with nymphs.







8th of September. Members of team Totebo, Sweden, at the Flyzone cabin. They landed 43 graylings from Wednesday to Friday. All with dry fly.



2nd of September. Almroth brothers visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Peter, Mats (sitting) and Joakim.


Mats showing up a 34 cm grayling landed with Griffits gnat.




25th of August. Matt Hayes and Anders Dahl Eriksen are these days around in Trysil to make pictures and videos to promote sports fishing in Trysil.

Behind the project are Destination Trysil and Fishspot. The video from Gjerfloen Flyfishing will be found on this site as soon as it is ready.


25th of August. Roland Karlsson, Jonny Skepstedt and Tommy Auoja (Sweden) spent a week end in nice weather on Gjerfloen Flyfishing. In spite of high water, they landed 34 graylings during their stay, mainly dry fly.


Sebastian Zak

25th of June. Sebastian Zak (Poland) landed 41 graylings with bead head nymphs. 23 of them were reported to be + 40 cms!


22. - 24. June. Family Allernäs (Sweden) visited Gjerfloen Flyfishing. Pictured Dag (left) and Stefan. They landed 57 graylings during their stay. Stefan was the kingfisher and landed one 47 cms and one 50 cms.


Anders Nälund and Robert Isaksson

18th - 21st of June Andres Näslund (left) and Robert Isaksson (Sweden) visited Gjerfloen Flyfishing. In spite high water and periods of strong wind from the north, they landed 156 graylings and 2 brown trouts. 20 graylings were +40 cms, biggest 47 cm. Yellow super puppa was the winner Anders also landed a grayling that was tagged in September 2012. It was recaught in the same area, and had grown from 31 till 39 cms.


Klas Zettergren

16th and 17th of June. Klas Zettergren (above), Staffan Eriksson and Olle Kalat (Sweden) visited Gjerfloen Flyfishing. They had never tried fly fishing before. but with help from the guide Kenneth, they landed several graylings with dry fly and nymph.

Staffan Eriksson

Olle Kalat


14th of June. Joakim Morlin (Sweden), sons Albin and Oskar, and visitors at the fly zone cabin. Father and sons landed 26 graylings during their stay. All with dry fly.


13th of June, Lars landed this nice brown trout



Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

Glass grayling sculpture

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.


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