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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2012. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Fly fishers and fishermen, photos of grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)

Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.


October 2012

Grayling 40 cms

7th of October. Lars Grønnæss with a 40 cms grayling in his hand. The air temp was minus 1 C degree when we started fishing at 10 am. We stopped fishing at noon ( 4 C degrees) with 11 landed graylings, all of them between 32 and 40 cms. 56 graylings were landed this week end by fishermen from Germany and Norway. 6 of them were + 40 cms, - the biggest, landed by Edd Hillstad, was 45 cms.

September 2012

Riverkeeper and grayling

The 29th of September the tagging project 2012 on Gjerfloen Flyfishing came to an end. 404 fishes are registrated. Here the river keeper with the last tagged grayling this time ID 125500, 36 cms. Please, see more info about this project on the "News" page.


Rod tubes

22nd - 23rd of September. Norwegian Cup Flyfishing was arranged in the Gjerfloen Flyfishing area. Read more on the "News" page. Read also the article about this event in the local newspaper Østlendingen

Pål Andersen

Pål Andersen, Drammen, was the champion with total catch 70 fishes during the competition.

Erik Eikre

Erik Eikre, Hemsedal, on his way ashore with a grayling in the net.

Lars Magne Roksvåg

Lars Magne Roksvåg, Ålgård, putting fish number 5 in his keepnet.

Robert Rønne

Robert Rønne, Trondheim, with a fish in his net.


The competitors controlling each other.


Team Ivo Knakal

16th - 22nd of September. Ivo Knakal "Dreamteam", Czech Republick, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. They landed during their stay, 325 graylings. Please, see their statistics on the News page.

Pavel Vrana, Anton Hawkins and Jiri Kotab

Anton Hawkins, Pavel Vrana and Jiri Kotab fishing from the west bank (Photo: Jiri Sindelar)

Drilling grayling

Vaclav Silbernagl and Jiri Kotab on the upper part of the fly zone (Photo Pavel Vrana)

Fish on

Drilling grayling near the shooting range arena (Photo Pavel Vrana)

Dryfly grayling

Nice dry fly grayling (Photo Pavel Vrana)

Jiri Sindelar grayling

Jiri Sindelar with a 45 cms grayling (Photo: Jiri Kotab)

Graylig 45 cms

I had caught and tagged the grayling on the same spot a few days earlier (Photo: Jiri Kotab)



16th of September. Team Mellbin, Sweden, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. None of the team members had ever been fly fishing before.


Erik had success and landed his first flyfish ever!



Claus, Dieter, Ulli and Stephan, Germany, were visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing 11th to 15th of September. Statistics of their catces below. Here are Stephan and Ulli pictured at my farm.

Size in cm
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 34
35 - 39


Claus with a grayling that obviously has been fighting with a pike. A part of the backfin is gone!


Dieter with a nice Gjerfloen grayling.


Stephan drilling a grayling on the east bank in the middle of the fly zone.


tagging fish

Now it is 7 years since fish were tagged on the fly zone. During September I'll be fishing from my boat and shall tag 400 fishes. More than 200 are already tagged. In the water container you can see 5 graylings ready for tagging, biggest 45 cms.

brown trout 47 cms

Brown trout 47 cms near the east bank on the middle of the fly zone ready to be tagged.



5th of September. The NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) boat was on the Trysil river again, the second time this summer. With light electric voltage the fishes are stupefied and can be netted on board for registration and then released.


NINA boat


Registration of grayling, 35,2 cms


A few brown trouts were also registrated


August 2012


Matthias Bergmann

24th of August. Matthias Bergmann, Germany, flyfishing for the first time. His first flyfish ever, a grayling 41 cms!

Tagged grayling

The fish was tagged the 1st of October 2005 in the same area, and was at that time 36 cms.


Fransesco Galvan

17th of August. Fransesco Galvan, Italy landed 23 graylings.

Galvan Grayling

Fransesco showing up one of his graylings. (Photo: Fransesco Galvan)



Emily Williams

03.08. Anna Karnezos (upper) and Emily Williams flyfishing for the first time. Together with the guide (below). Under difficult conditions (high and rising water) they both succeeded to land their first grayling.

Guiding American flyfisher girls


July 2012


lennart Pettersson and Yhorbjørn Rundqvist

28.07. Lennart Pettersson and Thorbjørn Rundqvist, Sweden, preferred to go by bike from the cabin to the fishing spots.


Hans Werner Chanty

27.07. Hans Werner Chanty, Germany, landing a typical Gjerfloen grayling.

Oskar Seisenbacher

Oskar Seisenbacher with his first Gjerfloen grayling


Fish number 1500I have been fishing for salmon and sea trout in the small stream Søya (north-west Norway) nearly every year since 1972. According to my diary the 13th of July this lovely river gave me my fish number 1500


Roger Öst

02.07. Roger Öst, Sweden, flyfishing near the the small islands on the east bank. He landed 7 graylings during the day, 3 of them +40 cms.


June 2012


Team Böhm

Team Magnus Böhm, Sweden, landed 155 graylings 28 - 30.06

Peter Gren

Peter Gren drilling a grayling at the shooting range area

Peter Gren harr 47 cm

29.06. Peter Gren with a 47 cms grayling


Hajir Rozbahani

28.06. Hajir Rozbahani and Halvdan Nicolaysen (below) were visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. Hajir were flyfishing for the first time, and during the 3 hours I guided him, he landed 14 graylings with a gold head/quill nymph size 14. A remarkably good start of a fly fishing career!

Halvdan S. Nicolaysen


Sture Gustavsson

24.06. Sture Gustavsson, Sweden, drilling a nice grayling near the small islands on the upper part of the fly zone.


Team Isaksson

20.06. Team Isaksson, Sweden, having reindeer kebab for dinner on the flyzone cabin. The team reported 93 landed graylings during their stay. Kingfisher was Robert Isaksson with 44 landed graylings, 11 of them +40 cms. Biggest 46 cms!


18.06 Testfishing with electrical equipment in the Trysil River

Test fishing NINA

Olav Berg, Jon Gunnar Dokk and Torkel Dokk with the NINA boat prepare for a drift through the Gjerfloen Flyfishing area. The result of this raid will be published later on the News page.

Olav Berg tagging a grayling

Olav Berg is tagging one of the graylings before releasing.


Harry van der Linden

15.06 Harry van der Linden, Holland, had nice fishing with dry fly and landed 20 graylings during the day.


Egil Søgaard

12.06 Egil Søgaard, Norway, on the middle part of the flyzone.

May 2012


Bredåsjön, Jämtland, Sweden

A very nice brown trout 2,2 kgs, 58 cms, from Bredåsjön in Jämtland, Sweden


Bredåsjön, Jämtland, Sweden

Brown trout and arctic chars from Bredåsjön. The brown trout 1,1 kgs

April 2012


Grayling 48 cms

The 15th of April, a 48 cms grayling grabbed my mormyshka


Nice perches on the river ice the 11th of April

Gisle Haugen

Gisle with a perch 950 grams

Kenneth Fidje

Kenneth with a perch 1150 grams


Snorre with a perch 1050 grams


Robert Kvile

The Norwegian ambassador to OSCE, Robert Kvile, on the Landsjøen ice the 2nd of April


Eastern holiday


Eastern holiday. Most of the family gathered on a small lake for perch fishing and barbequing. All the grand children caught fish


Julie (6)


Linnea (4)


Magnus (5)


Maria (9)


Lars caught a 5,8 kgs pike on the river ice with mormyshka and maggots!


January 2012

Roman Cyfra

Romek Cyfra, Poland, fishing for perch on the Landsjøen ice a cold and snowy day in the beginning of January

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