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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2007. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Fly fishers and fishermen, photos of grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)

Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.

December 2007

20th of December

Knut Bruaset, Magne Moldestad and Bård Lunde, Stadt Norway, had hunting success in minus 20 C degrees!

Knut Bruaset, Magne Moldestad and Bård Lunde

9th of December

The upper part of the fly zone, at the shooting range the 9th of December. In a couple of weeks now the river will be covered with ice.

9th of December

November 2007

27th of November

Fly fishing season might be over. Most of the river is already covered with ice, here pictured from the west bank.

27th of November

11th of November

The "river keeper" has taken timberlogs up from the bottom on certain "hot spots" to make deep river nymphing easier

11th of October

3rd of November

Peter Slepicka, Sweden, landing a grayling just as the sun is driving away the morning mist.

Peter Slepicka

Just a little bit later Thomas Karlsson, Sweden, landed his first.

Thomas Karlsson

Then, - chewing tobacco, "fisherman's friend"!

Thomas Karlsson

October 2007

27th of October

Christer Hoel, Norway, with one of his czech nymph graylings on the west bank.

Christer Hoel

7th of October

The autumn is definitely here!


Stian Stensland with a czech nymph grayling before noon.

Stian Stensland

September 2007

24th of September

Very good fishing today. Here my biggest, 45 cms.

Grayling 45 cms

21st of September

Team Peter van Stralen, Holland, landed 200 graylings on Gjerfloen Flyfishing during 4 days fishing. Nearly all caucht on dry fly.
Peter van Stralen

Peter van Stralen

Peter Dukel

Peter Dukel

17th of September

Team Gianluca Noncentini, Italy, had quite good dry fly fishing under cold and windy conditions. Here is Gabriele Cianti with a nice 38 cms "Klinkhammer" grayling.

Gabriele Cianti

10 to 11th of September

Students and teachers from Naturbruksgymnasiet Älvdalen, Sweden, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. They landed 225 graylings during their stay. Here, teacher Leif Sørensen, pictured in front.

Naturbruksgymnasiet Älvdalen

Zarah Andersson proved her capability.

Zarah Andersson

Marcus Berglind also had success with his czech nymphs.

Marcus Berglind

6th of September

Frank Lüttig, Germany, with a 35 cms "czech nymph grayling" in morning sun.

Frank Lüttig

5th of September

Claus Petri, Germany, with a very beautiful 38 cms "Klinkhammer" grayling.

Claus Petri

3rd of September

Thomas Kühnel, Sweden, had very good dryfly fishing this weekend. A break with sandwich and coffee is also an important part of a fishing trip!

Thomas Kühnel

August 2007

24th of August

Knud Nøregaard Hansen (DK) landing the 6th for the day with his special gray/orange nymph.

Knud Nøregaard Hansen

Niels Gadegaard (DK) landing his first with a green czech nymph

Niels Gadegaard

9th of August

Gjerfloen Flyfishing at the fair "Nordiske Jakt- og Fiske dager 2007" together with "Gransjøberget Skog", "Villsau&Krekling" and "Fjell-BIA"

Nordiske Jakt- og Fiske dager 2007

During 4 days 35.500 people visited the fair. In the afternoon the last day suddenly the the whole arrangement staff appeared at our stand. There was a short ceremony and we were awarded the price "STAND OF THE YEAR"! The director, Christen A. Mordal, handed over the Diploma to our participant Marianne Wimmer, Gransjøberget Skog

Norsk Skogmuseum



8th of August

Before noon I was guiding Hans Jacob Schou, Denmark, here with a "Superpuppa grayling"

Hans Jacob Schou

Ray Robinsion and Ditrich Bohnhorst, Ireland, ready for treir first day on Gjerfloen Flyfishing. Dietrich's homepage

Ray Robinsion and Ditrich Bohnhorst

4th of August

Massimo Paccotti, Italy, with one of the 614 fishes the team landed during 6 days.

Massimo Paccotti

Roberto Binfare, Italy, with another "Superpuppa" grayling.

Roberto Binfare

3rd of August

High activity on the fly zone today, fishermen from 6 nations. 5 Italians landed 70 graylings.
In the morning I was guiding Kutter Lutz, Germany, to his first "Trysil River grayling".

Kutter Lutz

Later before noon I was fishing with the Italians when this pike (75 cms) grabbed a 35 cms grayling that just had taken my nymph. Luckily the pike was also hooked!


Marino Raiola, Italy, with a dry fly grayling in the evening sun.

Marino Raiola

Roberto Binfare, Italy, with one of the 70 graylings the Italian group landed during the day, most of them on dry fly.

Roberto Binfare

Joakim Bryngelsson, Sweden, Flyfishing-Slovenia landed 5 dry fly grayligs. 3 of them were +40 cms, biggest 45 cms.

Joakim Bryngelsson

Anna Karin Bryngelsson, Sweden, for the first time on Gjerfleon Flyfishing.

Anna Karin Bryngelsson

July 2007

29th of July

Hans Kvadsheim (9), a comming flyfisherman, having a fly casting lection at Gjerfloen Flyfishing.

Hans Kvadsheim

Jean Francois Albert (France) with one of his "Czech nymph" graylings before noon.

Jean Francois Albert

27th of July

Adam Gren (Sweden) had success with his special green olive Super Pupa nymph in the afternoon.

Adam Gren

22nd of July

Johan Klingberg (Sweden) with one of the 27 fishes he landed during 4 hours of fishing. This one was a 43,5 cms specimen. A little bit later he also landed a 46 cms!

Johan Klingberg

21st of July

Fishing in the afternoon the 21th gave very little, but Niklas Björk (Sweden) did something the right way!

Niklas Björk

20th of July

Czech nymphs of the day. See the "News page". Ugly, but the graylings liked them.

Czech nymphs Czech nymphs

15th of July

Kenneth Johansen, Norway, with a very nice 38 cms "dry fly grayling" on the upper part of the fly zone

Kenneth Johansen

A few minutes later Anders Svindal, Norway, hooked this 35 cms grayling with his dry fly.

Anders Svindal

Here are their flies, size 10!

Dryflies Dryflies

13th of July

Rikard Bergling (13) Sweden with a 37 cms "superpupa grayling" on the east bank.

Rikard Bergling

11th of July

Ulli Waltemathe, Germany, with a 40 cms grayling hooked on a selfmade superpupa gold head.

Ulli Waltemathe

6th of July

Members of the Swedish fishing club for women "Fjällorna" visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing this weekend. The fishing was unfortunately not so good, but they had a lot of fun.


2nd of July

I was guiding Klaas Lamberts (NL) in the morning. Here landing a 36 cms grayling on the west bank.

Klaas Lamberts

In the afternoon I was guiding Reinier Verduijn (NL). Here showing a tagged 39 cms grayling. The grayling was tagged in September 2001 on the same location and was at that time 29 cms.

Reinier Verduijn

June 2007

30th of June

In the morning Vallivero Corrado (Italy) landed this 86 cms "flypike" on the upper part of the flyzone

Vallivero Corrado

Team Per Molinder (Sweden) on the upper part of the fly zone in the evening

Team Per Molinder

The Danica is still hatching


29th of June

Team Corrado (6 persons), Italy, had very nice dryfly fishing all day, best period before noon. During 3 days they landed 235 graylings
Vallivero Corrado was the "kingfisher" of the day.

Vallivero Corrado

Silvio Bugalla with one of the more than 100 graylings the team landed during the day.

Silvio Bugalla

Alberto Azzoni showing his very beautiful selfmade bamboo rod.

Alberto Azzoni

26th of June

Klaas Lamberets (NL) landing a 36 cms grayling on the east bank

Klaas Lamberts

25th of June

Yvonne Bosch (NL) landed 28 graylings during her stay on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Yvonne Bosch

Fred Bosch (NL) landed 64 grayligs during his stay on Gjerfleon Flyfishing. 2 of them between 45 and 50 cms.

Fred Bosch

Jon Kristian Skare and Bjørnar Døhlen (NO) defying the rain!

Jon Kristian Skare and Bjørnar Døhlen

16th of June

The E. Danica appeared for the first time this season and this generated a lot of risings. Team Isaksson, Sweden, had nice fishing this weekend and landed 75 graylings.
Christer Thunell, hooked a good grayling on the upper part of the flyzone.

Christer Thunell

Robert Isaksson was the "Kingfisher" of the team. He landed 37 graylings, biggest 46 cms

Robert Isaksson

Henrik Larsson also had his share of luck

Henrik Larsson

Henrik showing his "secret" weapon. An E. Danica imitation size 10.

Henrik Larsson, Danica

11th of June

Dr Carol Dalglish from Queensland University of Technlogy, Brisbane, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. A group of 20 students from Hedmark region went to Australia in November last year to study micro tourism under Carol's leadership. Now she came here to see our destinations.

Dr Carol Dalglish

Photo: Harald Nyberg

9th of June

Karlheinz Bacher (Tyrol, Austria) landed 5 graylings up to 39 cms during less than 1 hour before noon.

Karlheinz Bacher

Thomas Karlsson and Peter Schlepica (Sweden). The eternal question...

Thomas Karlsson and Peter Schlepica

Gianluca Noncentini and Angiolo Pacini (Italy) relaxing in the shade

Gianluca Noncentini and Angiolo Pacini

Hans Molin (Sweden) landed 13 graylings up to 40 cms

Hans Molin

This butterfly does not appear on the water, but on the bank - beautiful!


8th of June

Trevor Heley and Trevor Cook (England) having a break in the evening sun. During the day they had landed 25 graylings up to 40 cms and the fishing was not yet over.

Trevor Heley and Trevor Cook

5th of June

Thomas S. Nilsen, outdoor guide www.turgleder.com with a nice grayling in the net.

Thomas S. Nilsen

April 2007

14th of April

Håkon Sætre with a very nice brown trout! A fantastic weekend in beautiful surroundings and superb weather

Håkon Sætre

Myself with a "normal" arctic char in the evening sun

Arctic char

March 2007

31st of March

William Matsson (4 years old) Eltsjøen

William Matsson

Elisabeth Heviken icefishing for the first time

Elisabeth Heviken

Thomas Karlsson with a nice brown trout

Thomas Karlsson

Rickard Landin also could show us a nice "brown"

Rickard Landin

27th of March

Nice perch from Landsjøen 27.03

Nice perch

24th of March

Ice fishing on Eltsjøen

Icefishing on Eltsjøen

Linus and Kenneth Andersson, Kil, Sweden. Nice weather and some fish made the day completely successful.

Linus and Kenneth Andersson
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