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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2006. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Fly fishers and fishermen, photos of grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)

Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.

December 2006

10th of December

Flyfishing in this temperature might indicate that the fisherman should visit a psycologist the sooner the better! However, I landed 7 graylings during a short session.


One of the "December 10th" graylings.


November 2006

27th of November

Still flyfishing! High and coloured water, but they are still eating a little.

November Grayling

12th of November

During our "Innovation Norway" stay in Brisbane, Australia, some of us "had to" go fishing.


Captain Starkey's boat

Captain Starkey's boat

Christian was the first.....

Christian Dyresen

Then the flyfishing guide....


Petter showing us a nice specie...

Petter Kjendalen

Outdoor guide Stein......

Stein Kaasin

Per Ove, Innovation Norway, with a broken steel leader. He could tell that he had seen the monster fish out there. (Strange that none of the others could see it when it was that big.......?)

Per Ove Vaeramoen

Captain Starkey was tuff, but charming. I liked him.

Captain Starkey

Per Ove L. was smiling even if he couldn't show us any fish.

Per Ove Leistad

Curious perches

Curious perches
Curious perches
Curious perches

We had some waves too


A beautiful specie (the fish)!


Arne with a nice bonito.

Arne Skarderud

Well, - everything has an end (the fish has two).

Snorre, Petter & Christian

October 2006

28th of October

Steinar Ekeroth celebrated his 40th birthday on Gjerfloen Flyfishing. The birthday present from his wife was guided flyfishing! Czech nymphing for the first time.

Steinar Ekeroth
Steinar Ekeroth

10th of October

Czech Nymph specialist Vera Larsen, Hemsedal, demonstrating the most urgent point concerning this sport: CONCENTRATION!

Vera Larsen
Vera Larsen

Martin B. Jensen "nymphed" up this very nice 41 cms brown trout

Martin B. Jensen

Photo: Vera Larsen

6-7th of October

Jan Thestrup and Ingemar Ceicer landed 37 graylings up to 38 cms under difficult conditions. Chezc nymphs gave the best results.

Jan Thestrup

Ingemar Ceicer

Ingemar Ceicer

September 2006

22-24th of September

Autumn is beginning to colour the nature


Alex Savitchi, Germany, 24th of September

Alex Savitchi

Stefan Johansson, Sweden, 22nd of September

Stefan Johansson

19th of September

Peter Schünke, Germany, fishing from the west bank of Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Peter Schünke

14th of September

Gianluca Noncentini and Angiolo Pacini, Italy, at Gjerfloen Flyfishing this weekend. Angiolo landed 7 "Klinkhammer" graylings, 25 - 38 cms, between 9.00 and 10.30 AM.

Gianluca Noncentini & Angiolo Pacini

Gianluca' s very beautiful fly tying book.

Gianluca Noncentini

11-12th of September

20 students and 3 teachers from Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium Sweden, visited Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium
Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium

A student with one of the 322 fishes they landed during two days! See also the News page.

Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium

5th of September

Jonas Rimkencius, Lithuania, caught this 43 cms brown trout with a light green jig 2 kms upstream the fly zone

Jonas Rimkencius

2nd of September

Lars Inge Stokken (Stathelle) czech nymphing for the first time. The team Knut Stålhane, Tom O. Bøhn, Roy Vardheim and Lars Inge Stokken landed 20 czech nymph graylings between 8 and 10 AM.

Lars Inge Stokken

Tom O. Bøhn with one of his "czechs".

Tom O. Bøhn

Week 34 September

Bernd Kuleisa and his friend Reinhold Sangen-Emden (behind) on the east bank of Gjerfloen Flyfishing. His "Gjerfloen Flyfishing" article will be published in the German flyfishing magazine "FliegFischen".

Bernd Kuleisa & Reinhold Sangen-Emden

Bernd with a good czech nymph Gjerfloen grayling

Bernd Kuleisa

Reinhold, fishing for grayling for the first time.

Reinhold Sangen-Emden

The river keeper also succeeded

The riverkeeper

Photo: Reinhold Sangen-Emden

Flyfishing for pike in the evening. Bernd hooked the first one....

Bernd Kuleisa

.... then the guide

The guide

Photo: Bernd Kuleisa

Also a 44 cms brown trout

44 cms brown trout

Photo: Bernd Kuleisa

Just before releasing.

Just before releasing

August 2006

11th of August

Guiding Maic Gärtner, Germany. Czech nymphing paid off!

Maic Gärtner

Salmontrip 1st week of August

Do you wonder what a grayling fishing guide does when he is on holiday? FISHING of course!!! Salmon this time.


The salmon above was hooked with this special version of GREY HERON size 6.

GREY HERON size 6.

Full dressed salmon flies are not always necessary.


This one fell for a Hares Ear size 10!

Hares Ear size 10!

Here is another example...


A black/green olive gold head size 10, barbless Knapek hook, tied by Jan Siman.

Jan Siman

Another untraditional example...


Black/brown nymph size 6

Black/brown nymph size 6

Between 9 and 11 on evening...


I had a lot of fun with this heron wing creation size 4.

Heron Special

Early in the morning...


....this creation inspired by Silver Grey and Heggeli size 8 was the right choice.


Pålsbu, size 8

Pålsbu, size 8

1st of August

Fishermen from Switzerland visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing this week. Esteban, Viktor, Patrick and Freddy.

Esteban, Viktor, Patrick and Freddy

July 2006

29th of July

Isabelle Blomqvist (7 months) studying father Mikael's fly fishing gear.

Isabelle Blomqvist

26th of July

Nick Parry (Eng) with a nice 41 cms czech nymph grayling on the lower part of the flyzone. Watertemp 21 C degrees is not optimal, but "near bottom" fishing paid off!

Nick Parry

23rd of July

Team Patrick Daniëls, Belgium, landed 395 graylings and 3 brown trouts on Gjerfloen Flyfishing 18.07 - 23.07
Gino Cozijns, Steven Vandendriesscne, Hugo Martel, Steven Dierckx, Rony Desmedt and Patrick Daniëls.

Team Patrick Daniëls

22nd of July

Patrick Daniëls (BE) landed 26 "Klinkhammer" graylings between 9 and 12 AM today

Patrick Daniëls

Steven Vandendriesscne (BE) showing us a 39 cms.

Steven Vandendriesscne

21st of July

Patrick Daniëls (BE) landed 13 "Klinkhammer" graylings between 9 and 11 before noon. In the afternoon he landed this nice "brown", 43,5 cms.

Patrick Daniëls

Photo: Steven Dierickx

Before the thunder storm

Steven Dierickx

Photo: Steven Dierickx


Steven Dierickx

Photo: Steven Dierickx

After the thunder storm

Steven Dierickx

Photo: Steven Dierickx

20th of July

Hugo Martel (BE), chairman of the Belgium division of "The Grayling Society", with a very nice 44 cms "Klinkhammer" grayling.

Hugo Martel

A few minutes later he could show us another "Klink", 40 cms!

Hugo Martel

19th of July

Before noon the first day, more than 20 graylings were landed by the PD-team.
Gino Cozijns (BE), fishing grayling for the first time, here posing with a very nice 41 cms specimen.

Gino Cozijns

Steven Dierickx (BE) with his first. Till 8 o'clock in the afternoon he had landed 25 graylings and one "brown" and the fishingday was not yet over.

Steven Dierickx

"Le Chef" Rony Desmedt (BE) also wanted to be pictured with a fish (barbecue glove)

Rony Desmedt

Photo: Steven Dierickx

17th of July

I had very good nymphfishing this afternoon. This beautiful "brown" (40 cms) together with 15 graylings (biggest 45 cms!) was the result of less than a 3 hours fishing session.

Brown trout

15th of July

4 Russian fishermen visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing today. None of them had ever tried fly fishing before. After 4 hours of instruction and guiding, they all had landed their first fly fish! First was "junior" Piotr Shagalov...

Piotr Shagalov

12th of July

Raul Martin Moreno (SP) fishing on Gjerfloen Flyfishing today. I admired his elegant casting technique and he obviously was a good fisherman too. Before noon he landed 12 graylings, 2 of them 40+ cms, when others caught very little or nothing at all.

Raul Martin Moreno

In the afternoon this brown trout (40 cms) grabbed my czech nymph


Photo: Raul Martin Moreno

Later came this one (38 cms) with the same fly. See below

Brown trout

Selfmade czech nymph: Gjerfloen Pink Flash. Hook: Knapek Czeh Nymph size 10, Hends Body Strech 635, Hends Hare Dubbing 14 and Oracle Cactus Chenille pink. This nymph has also given me many nice graylings. Another successful version, Gjerfloen Green Flash, is tied with Cactus Chenille grey. Not very beautiful, but what does it matter...??

Gjerfloen Pink Flash

11th of July, guiding nymphfishing

Hartwig Kuhlmann (DE) with his first...

Hartwig Kuhlmann

...a few minutes later Ralf Kositzki (DE) ...

Ralf Kositzki

... and the guide

The guide

Photo: Ralf Kositzki

10th of July

Aslak Petersen (3 years), Denmark, together with his father and grandparents

Petersen family

7-9th of July

Members of the Swedish women fishing club "Fjällorna" visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing.


Åsa Skjönsberg, Katarina Johansson, Anna Sjöberg, Siv Jansson and Lucinda Chan.


Anna showing us a nice 41 cms grayling


Beautiful backfinn

Beautiful backfinn

Siv, the "chairgirl" of the fishingclub, admiring a nice specimen.


A little bit later Katarina also had to pose for the photographer


Åsa with her first fly grayling ever. Even a small fish can sometimes be a "big catch"!


The guide posing with a 42 cms


Photo: Åsa Skjönsberg

9th of July

Lars Viberg (DK) and Jeroen van Deventer (NL) had very good daytime dryfly fishing. 35 graylings were landed and nearly half of them were 35+ cms. Of these were five 40+ and even one 45+. Take a look at Lars' wonderful posters on this link The Art of Flyfishing

Lars Viberg & Jeroen van Deventer

8th of July

Johan Karlsson and Morten Sæter (SE) had good dryfly fishing on the west bank, landing about 25 graylings. 2 of them 40+ cms. Here Johan with a nice one.

Johan Karlsson

7th of July

Team Ove Sindt (DK) visiting Gjerfloen 7th of July. They landed 30 graylings. Bo Jørgensen was the "kingfisher" (standing nr 3 from left). He landed 11 graylings, biggest 45 cms.

Team Ove Sindt

4th of July

Father and son, Egil and Kristian Andresen (No), visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. Kristian (15) flyfishing for the first time.
Egil Andresen

Egil Andresen

Kristian Andresen (15)

Kristian Andresen

Photo: Egil Andresen


28th of June

Fishing guide Espen Eilertsen on Gjerfloen Flyfishing. Here showing us a 37 cms grayling. This one was tagged on the same location the 4th of September 2001 (you see the tag covering the backfin). At that time it was 22 cms.

Espen Eilertsen

In the next cast his green nymph hooked a 39 cms on the same spot.

Espen Eilertsen

I had success with a gold head version of Red Tag size 10.

Red Tag size 10

25th of June

A beautiful sunset at "Halvorsøya" this evening


23rd of June

The Danica started hatching today! The graylings were there to meet them and some of them also happened to take an artificial imitation.


Just before landing.


Peter Slepicka, Sweden, was on the right place at the right time! Here on the upper part of the flyzone. This 40 cms grayling grabbed his dryfly in the first cast!

Peter Slepicka

Later in the evening I was guiding Hans Jürgen Heise, Hamburg on the west bank of the flyzone. The Danica hatching was over for the day and no risings were observed, but this brown trout (37 cms) möchte gern eine Nymphe haben!

Hans Jürgen Heise

Later a 38 cms grayling also was too much tempted by a green nymph. This one was tagged in September 2005 on the same location and had the same lenght today.

Hans Jürgen Heise

I landed a 40 cms grayling with a green nymph. This one I had tagged the 11th of September 2001 on the same place. At that time it was 29 cms.

40 cms grayling

21st of June

The Beet jornalist Bertus Rozemeijer and his wife Moniek Prakken fishing for pike in the Trysil River. The pikes were very little cooperative in the middle of the day, but we had a lot of fun and I had a great day. Moniek became the "Queen of the day", here showing us a 70 cms specimen.

Moniek Prakken

19th of June

Frank Ihle, Årnes Norway. Here with a new personal best grayling, 40 cms, hooked on a gold head nymph.

Frank Ihle

Later the same day Jørn Hagen landed this beautiful brown trout.

Jørn Hagen, Brown Trout

Photo: Frank Ihle

18th of June

Grayling 41 cms landed near the fly zone cabin. This one preferred an olivegreen nymph.

Grayling 41 cms

May 2006

26th of May

Before noon today I was guiding Tim Füldner and Thomas Reinartz from Munich, Germany. We were fishing near the bridge at Plassen upstream Gjerfloen flyzone.
3 pikes were landed, here Tim is holding a 92 cms...

Tim Füldner and Thomas Reinartz

...and a nice 48 cms brown trout too!

Tim Füldner

7th of May

Gløtsjøen in the north of Trysil.
Winter, snow and ice in the mountain areas


Peter Davidse, Holland, with a nice 44 cms arctic char

Peter Davidse

The guide had also success.


6th of May

Jon T. Storsnes in the foreground. Nice weather and quite good fishing for whitefish on Sennsjøen today. Both fish and fishermen lived a risky life near the ice edge.

Jon T. Storsnes

4th of May

The upper part of the flyzone (from the west bank). The ice disappeared today, but....

The upper part of the flyzone

...I'm still icefishing. Here an arctic char from Gløtsjøen today.

Arctic char

The ice is still 60 cms and...

60 cms ice

...it's a lot of snow!


1st of May

The upper part of the flyzone (from the west bank). Still no flyfishing on Gjerfloen.

The upper part of the flyzone

April 2006

28th of April

The upper part of the flyzone (from the east bank). Very late spring this year. Even the heaviest czech nymphs will not work at the moment!

The upper part of the flyzone

13th of April

My granddaughter Julie (9 months old) is already beginning to show interest for grandfather's icefishing equipment!


6th of April

Whitefish 53 cms (1660 grams) grabbed my mormyshka under the ice on the Trysil river. Here on its way up through the icehole

Whitefish 53 cms (1660 grams)

On the ice

On the ice

On it's way down again (released)

On the ice

Later the same day Marc Vlerick, Belgium, caught this fantastic brown trout on the Trysil River ice with a red mormyshka loaded with bloodworms and maggot. 66 cms 2890 grams!

Marc Vlerick

2nd of April

The 2nd of April I was guiding Marc Vlerick, Belgium, on the Trysil River ice. Marc, ice fishing for the first time, here with a nice 40 cms grayling.

Marc Vlerick

The guide with a 43 cms whitefish.


March 2006

22nd of March

Father and 2 sons Fierant, Holland, on the ice of Eltsjøen. They had never practiced ice fishing before, but took it up very fast. The perches were not of biggest kind, though they gave us a lot of fun and we had a nice day.
Martin Fierant with his first "ice perch"

Martin Fierant

Tim Fierant thinking "small is not always bad"

Tim Fierant

Milo Fierant was the "kingfisher" of the day.

Milo Fierant

February 2006

19th of February

Peter Davidse, Holland, icefishing for the first time. Deep snow and overwater made fishing difficult on Landsjøen that day, but something came up from the dark under the ice.

Peter Davidse
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