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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2005. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Fly fishers and fishermen, photos of grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)

Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.

December 2005

14th of December

Santa Lucia and Santa Claus visiting the local school.
At 8 o'clock in the morning, when it was still dark, Santa Lucia turned up singing and serving cakes.

Santa Lucia and Santa Claus

Impressed by the older pupils' performance

Small Santas

At noon Santa Claus appeared at the kinder garden. For the occation I had jumped out of the waders and into the Santa suit.

Santa Claus

After having received the presents it was time for Santa porridge.

Santa porridge

3rd of December

To me the highlight of the trip to Prague was meeting Flyfishing World Champion, Jan Siman. Here in our apartment discussing and exchanging flies. We also talked about a new way of using ribbing materials. Jan will present this issue on his web sites later this winter. See http://shop.siman.cz/ or http://www.siman.cz/ Also in Norway you can find Siman Products in a few shops. See eikre-fly.no

Jan Siman

Jan guided me to the best fly tying gear shop in Prague, "Spin & Fly". www.spinfly.cz Myself (left), Jan Siman (middle) and the owner, Jiri Voracek (right). Here I found a lot of very interesting material which I had not seen before. You find the shop in Legorova street nr 58, not far from the National Museum.

Myself (left), Jan Siman (middle) and the owner, Jiri Voracek (right)

Jan helping me to pick out the right things.

Jan Siman

Spin & Fly had also very good (for the customer) prices. All these "Boys Toys" for less than 100 Euros!

Flytying gear

Jan brought us to the nice restaurant, NOVEMESTSKY PIVOVAR, (NEW TOWN BREWERY) for lunch. Jan (left), my brother in law, Helge (middle) and my wife, Kari (right)

Jan (left), my brother-in-law, Helge (middle) and my wife, Kari (right)

After lunch we were showed around in NOVEMESTSKY PIVOVAR's own brewery.)


November 2005

26th of November

Visitors from Nes, Akershus, studying Gjerfloen Flyfishing to learn and get ideas how to develop a better grayling fishing in their own river, Vorma.

Visitors from Nes

22nd of November

Fantastic late autumn fishing on Gjerfloen today. See also the News page.
The 42 cms were tempted by a pink czech nymph

Late autumn fishing

The 39 cms preferred a grey/brown version

Late autumn fishing

Late autumn on the west bank at Halvorsøya. Airtemp: -1 C degree. Watertemp: 0,8 C degrees

Late autumn fishing

19th of November

Preparing for next season. Here clearing away an old tree which has fallen across the path on the eastern bank.

Preparing for next season

The beavers also cut down trees, - not always on the "right" places.

Preparing for next season

8th of November

A nice 40cms grayling grabbed my czech nymph. A dark olive green version this time.

A nice 40cms grayling

6th of November

Geir Kjensmo drilling a nice grayling

Geir Kjensmo

A 42 cms grayling ready to be released

Geir Kjensmo

4th of November

The shooting arena. The snow and ice is gone again...

The shooting arena

October 2005

27th of October

Ice and snow on the banks, but they must have some food!

Ice and snow on the banks

23rd of October

Snow and cold weather, but the graylings are eating!


A 40 cms could not resist my black/purple czech nymph!

40 cms

22nd of October

A beautiful brown trout (38 cms) grabbed my blue/green czech nymph in the first cast

Brown trout (38 cms)

It's no doubt any more.... winter is comming

Winter is comming

resting a little...

Winter is comming

...then back to the others.

Winter is comming

September 2005

29th of September

Morten Sæter with a 38 cms autumn grayling

Morten Sæter

A 40 cms grayling were too much tempted by my hydropsyche czech nymph imitation.

40 cms grayling

23rd of September

Håkan Wibrink (picture), Ulf Norman and Martin Svensson, Gothenburg Sweden, landed 31 graylings (20 - 41 cms) from Friday to Sunday. Mostly nymphs, but also dry flies were effective in periods.

Håkan Wibrink

12th of September

Students and teachers from Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium Sweden, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing from Monday till Tuesday.

Älvdalen Naturbruksgymnasium

Student "Kingfisher" Thomas Larsson (18) landed nearly half of the 59 graylings the team caught during their visit..

Thomas Larsson

Students and teachers from "Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap (UMB)" Norway, were also visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing on Monday.

Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap (UMB)

9-11th of September

Jurgen Siero, Johnny Breden, Michael Rodcjk and Berry Huisman landed 80 graylings on Gjerfloen Flyfishing from Friday to Sunday. 40 of them between 30 and 45 cms.

4th of September, the graylings were hard to catch

Andreas Herzog, Germany, with a smaller grayling

Andreas Herzog

Andre Beckmann, Germany, with a nice czech nymph grayling

Andre Beckmann

2nd of September, was a good fishing day

Micke Lundström Sweden, with a nice grayling before noon

Micke Lundström

Erik Evensen, Norway, with a nice afternoon grayling

Erik Evensen

August 2005

15th of August

Erik André Løvmo (16) czech nymphing for the first time, here with a nice 36 cms grayling. He landed 7 of them before noon. In the afternoon he had also success with the dry flies.

Erik André Løvmo

5th of August

Jørn Unneberg with a nice grayling hooked on a pink/red/olive czech nymph

Jørn Unneberg

July 2005

23rd of July

Thomas and Rickard Niedomysl, Sweden, nymphfishing on the west bank of Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Thomas Niedomysl
Rickard Niedomysl

9th of July

MOUNTAIN MEDIA on Gjerfloen Flyfishing taking shots for their new video film about fly tying and fly fishing methods. Here the "star" Johan Klingberg netting a nymph grayling.

Johan Klingberg

1-3rd of July

Before noon on Sunday 3rd of July the fishing was not so good as the day before, but "FJÄLLORNA" enjoyed the nice weather. Anna Sjöberg, Johanna Remstrand, Ewa Falklind and Evalena Djerf

Anna Sjöberg Johanna Remstrand
Ewa Falklind Evalena Djerf

2nd of July

Lena Edkvist with her best grayling ever, - so far.

Lena Edkvist

A few minutes later Åsa Bertilsson called for the photographer. Later in the afternoon she hooked a 42 cms grayling and became the "Saturday River Queen"

Åsa Bertilsson

Mother and daughter Inger Ågren and Annika Ossiansson relaxing between the fishing sessions

Inger Ågren and Annika Ossiansson

1st of July

Fjällorna and the guide at the fly zone cabin

Fjällorna and the guide

Look!! The Danica is hatching!

Fjällorna and the guide

The graylings on Gjerfloen had never before seen so many women wadet out in the river at the same time.

Fjällorna fishing

Virpi Landenperä turned out to be the "Queen Of The River" on Friday. After having landed a nice 40 cms brown trout before noon, she hooked this grayling during the guiding session.

Virpi Landenperä

June 2005

25th of June, NRK on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Kari Toft on Gjerfloen Flyfishing, making interviews about grayling fishing for the NRK radio "NATURMAGASINET". The program will be transmitted 8 o'clock in the morning July 16th on NRK radio P1.

Kari Toft

17-18th of June, Norwegian Championship Flyfishing 2005

Participants: Vera Larsen in the foreground and Pål Andersen in the background. More info on the "News" page.

Vera Larsen and Pål Andersen

11th of June

Maarten Neuhas, Holland, with a "Czech Nymph" graylig 36 cms. Later in the afternoon his brother, Eric, hooked a 41 cms on a dryfly

Maarten Neuhas

Rob Neuhaus also succeeded with his Czech Nymphs

Rob Neuhas

8th of June

My first trip to Landsjøen this summer gave me this brown trout, 46 cm. One singel Vulgata and some Marginatas were observed. Lots of ants on the water along the west bank.

Brown trout @Landsjøen

May 2005

27-29th of May, Professionals at Landsjøen

Aktiv Fritid's "Powerteam Ørret" testing sinklines for brown trout fishing with nymphs. Here trying to choose the right flies (they had thousands) From left: Garreth Jones, Tor Grøthe, Rune Stafne, Bjørnar Skjevedal, Tom Erik Grønningsæter and Kjell Myhre.

Aktiv Fritid's, Powerteam Ørret

Garreth Jones from Wales, nr 3 flyfishing world championship 2000, was instructing the Norwegians how to practise "deepfishing" in stillwater for brown trout. Here preparing for next lection. 6 brown trouts were caught during the session, 3 of them between 45 and 48 cm. Guess who was the "Kingfisher". Right! Garreth caught 4 of them.

Garreth Jones

26th of May, Nice brown trout at Plassen

Pike fishing in the Trysil river at Plassen May 26th gave me no pikes, but this very nice brown trout, 63 cm 2,500 kgs.

Nice brown trout at Plassen

19th of May

May 19th was the last trip on the ice this season and this beautiful Arctic Char (800 grams) was a nice winding up

Arctic Char

7th of May

Nice Arctic Char from Gløtsjøen in the morning sun ( 6 o'clock in the morning May 7th.)

Arctic Char

5th of May

Arctic Chars from Gløtsjøen May 5th.

Arctic Char

April 2005

20th of April

Nice perch from Landsjøen April 20 th.

Nice pearch from Landsjøen

5th of April

Svein Kristiansen with a nice whitefish, 55 cm

Svein Kristiansen, Whitefish 55 cms

Nice to meet you, now go back to the others

Whitefish 55 cms

1st of April

Ice fishing grayling from the Trysil River 1st of April, 48 cm

Icefishing grayling from the Trysil River 1st of April, 48 cm

March 2005

30th of March

Another nice perch from Landsjøen, 30th of March

Nice pearch from Landsjøen

24th of March

Monday was a fantastic day in Trysil. Audun Nymoen, Kongsvinger with his first ice fishing perch ever.

Audun Nymoen

Not big, but nice (the perch)

Not big, but nice (the pearch)

9th of March, Landsjøen

Steinar Strøm with a nice perch

Steinar Strøm

February 2005

14th of February

Scottish wintertourists on Norwegian ice Feb. 14th. John Houghton (8) Glascow, ice fishing for the first time.

John Houghton

10th of February

Dutch ice fishermen in Trysil February 10th. trying ice fishing for the first time.The weather was extremely cold and windy, but nevertheless, some smaller perches were tempted by the "Dutch way". Marteen Neuhaus, Laurent Smeets, Eric and Rob Neuhaus.

Marteen Neuhaus Laurent Smeets
Eric Neuhaus Rob Neuhaus
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