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Fly Fishing Photo Gallery 2004. Grayling, Brown Trout, Fly Fishers

Fishing pictures. Photo gallery from Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. Fly fishers and fishermen, photos of grayling, brown trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike and other "shots" of interest. (English only)

Erik Eikre

As fishing guide and riverkeeper I spend a lot of time by the riverside and the camara is always with me. I therefore have many opportunities to take good "shots" of fishing situations, fishermen, catches and nature from and around the Gjerfloen fly zone area.

The photo gallery page will contain updated pictures of fishermen and catches from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other pictures of interest from Trysil.


NYMPHS, a real challenge for fly tiers (and others...)


Johan Klingberg 2005

The eternal question...! Johan Klingberg, Sweden (right) and the fly fishing guide and riverkeeper, Snorre Grønnæss. Photo. Ulf Börjesson



This kind of mussle is very rare in the Trysil river, but there are a few and they can be up to 300 years old! Please let them live and don't take them out of the water. This one was found here in 2002. If you find one of them, please report to me.

November 2004

10th of November

November 10th Czech nymph grayling

Czech nymph grayling

7th of November

November 7th on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

November 7th on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

4th of November

Trysil River November 4th. 11 graylings took my Czech nymphs this afternoon. Watertemp.: 1,8 C degrees!

Trysil River November 4th

Grayling 40 cms

Grayling 40 cm

October 2004

26th of October

Czech nymph grayling, 40 cms

Grayling 40 cm

12th of October



October grayling

October grayling

7th of October

Autumn grayling 40 cm from Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Autumn grayling

September 2004

22nd of September

Under very difficult conditions; rain , coloured and high water (138 m3/s) I guided Konrad Reithmayer Hamburg Germany, through Gjerfloen flyzone. On a green czech nymph he landed this nice 38 cm grayling

Konrad Reithmayer

18-19th of September, Norwegian Cup

The champion, Olav Syversbråten, Hemsedal. Under difficult conditions he landed 22 graylings during the competition. Average size 36 cm.

The champion, Olav Syversbråten

Vera Larsen, Hemsedal, with a nice 35er.

Vera Larsen

11th of September, INVICTA FLYFISHING CLUB, Drammen Norway visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Toralf Torstensen, Runar Holen and Morten Jensen having riverside lunch on the upper part of the flyzone.

Toralf Torstensen, Runar Holen and Morten Jensen

Frank Pedersen and Bjørn Håvelsen having a break on the lower part of the fly zone

Frank Pedersen and Bjørn Håvelsen

10th of September

Urban Oveland, Per Svensson, Andreas Ljusterdal and Lars Bränström visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing. The weather was very nice and that was all!

Urban Oveland, Per Svensson, Andreas Ljusterdal and Lars Bränström

8th of September

Journalist for the German fishing magazine BLINKER, Karl Koch, visiting Plassen

Karl Koch

6th of September

Team Bert Hammarsson Nynäshamn, Sweden, on the upper part of Gjerfloen Flyfishing, waiting for the graylings suppertime.

Team Bert Hammarsson

August 2004

25th of August

A very nice 48 cm grayling caught on a yellow/grey/brown czech nymph at 8 o'clock PM

A very nice 48 cm grayling

17th of August

In the morning guiding Kim and Brad McCracken, USA

Kim and Brad McCracken

Kim drilling a nice 37er hooked on a brown/yellow superpuppa

Kim McCracken

In the evening guiding Tino A. Ahlers, Germany. Here with a nice 45er taking a blood worm imitation.

Tino A. Ahlers

The guide with a 51er hooked on a red/pink czech nymph.


Photo: Tino A. Ahlers

16th of August

Kurt Jöbstl, Austria, with a nice pike "Maria" (released) downstream the bridge at Plassen

Kurt Jöbstl

July 2004

30th of July

Journalists from "Fisch und Fang" in Trysil. Markus Heine and Christian Hoch from the German fishing magazine "Fisch und Fang" spin fishing at Plassen upstream Gjerfloen Flyfishing 30.07. In spite of bright sunshine and air temperature up to 27 C degrees, a number of nice graylings and a beautiful brown trout were landed.
Markus Heine with a nice "sunshine" grayling

Markus Heine

Christian Hoch with a beautiful "brown", 51 cm 1060 grams

Christian Hoch

25th of July

Tom Skyrud testing flies for his next book about multi flies

Tom Skyrud

21st of July

Åke Ekstrand, Sweden, knows how to get in touch with the graylings in the Trysil River!

Åke Ekstrand

Brian Madsen, Denmark, visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing for the first time.

Brian Madsen

20th of July

A. Middendorp, Barneveld Holland, fly fishing for grayling for the first time.

A. Middendorp

16th of July

Jakob and Hans Knudsen, Århus Denmark

15th of July

Pål Haugen, Tromsø, visited GF July 15th. Nymphs turned out to be the right medicine.

Pål Haugen Pål Haugen

12th of July

Brown trout 43 cm from Landsjøen

Brown trout 43 cm from Landsjøen

9th of July

Friday night together with my cousin, Odd M. Kvile Eidsvold, we landed this beautiful brown trout, 40 cm

Odd M. Kvile

7th of July

It,s not birds, it is swarming may flies, vulgata, just in front of my cabin. The brown trouts are waiting for them in the background

May flies

Photo: Anders Jakobsen

Living a dangerous life on the water

May fly

Photo: Anders Jakobsen

June 2004

30th of June

Åke Norlén Rettvik Sweden, drilling a grayling in the lower part of the flyzone.

Åke Norlén Åke Norlén Åke Norlén

29th of June

The Trysil River at Plassen offered me this nice fly pike this morning. 83 cm, 4,1 kg. I'm looking forward to meet her again in some years when she has doubbled her weight!


27th of June, German TV team "Eine Gute Reise" visiting Gjerfloen Flyfishing

EGR team, Michael Mattig-Gerlach, Michael Weber and Fabian Weber pictured by "Summer Trysil General" Jan Hatten

German TV team

17-19th of June, All Times High on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Hans Persson, Stocholm

Hans Persson

Egil Søgaard, Oslo

Egil Søgaard

Erlend Bonesvoll, Oslo

Erlend Bonesvoll

One of the 248

One of the 248

Photo: Tord Eriksson

Nice collection


Photo: Tord Eriksson

13th of June, All Times High on Gjerfloen Flyfishing

Erik D. Jensen (Oslo) assisting when tagging fish at the power station June 13th. Here a nice brown trout 53 cm, 1,28 kg

Erik D. Jensen

The brown trout had company with 7 graylings.

Tagged graylings

Erik with a 35 cm grayling.

Erik D. Jensen

May 2004

16th of May, First fly grayling 2004

The fly fishing season started extremely early this year. Three weeks before normal Czech nymph fishing method gave results. Even if the grayling was not of the heaviest sort, the first flyfish for the season is special.

First fly grayling 2004

9th of May, North west coast

A fishing trip to the nortwest coast also gave some nice saltwater fishes together with my local petri friend

Northwest coast

March 2004

18th of March, New personal best White Fish

Trysil River 18.03.04. Whitefish 63 cm. 2.706 grams

White Fish

February 2004

Kjell Sandgren and his family from Stocholm visiting Trysil week 9. 2004. While wife and children enoyed themself in the alpine area, I one day went with Kjell ice fishing on Landsjøen. He turned out to be a skillful and experienced fisherman.
A nice perch...

A nice pearch

...and even a beautiful brown trout!

Brown trout
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