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Marit´s food

From Marit's Food you can order lunch, dinner or full pension consisting of international menus as well as food rooted in recipes with local tradition.

Marit's Food is the local food specialist. She can create gastronomical specialties of local origin, traditional dishes and international menus. Marit's Food can take care of the catch of the day and serve a perfect supper at the hut in the evening. Within a few hours notice, Marit's Food can bring hot dinner, lunch, fresh bread or cakes. Full pension for week stays can be booked in advance.

Marit's Food prepare the meals at home in her own kitchen and brings the food to the cabin at time agreed on. If you want to finish a nice fishing day with a culinary enjoyment I can warmly recommend Marit's Food.


River side lunch

Old food recipes from Trysil

Try hot smoked brown trout with white wine or sour cream porridge with boiled grayling and aquavit.

Hot smoked brown trout à là Trysil

Put the number of fish you need (size 0,3 - 1,0 kg) into brine consisting of 10% salt and 2% sugar. The fish must be well cleaned and after 10 - 12 hours (not more) in the brine, the fish is ready for the smoke. For the smoking process you need a special oven, a barrel or something you construct yourself.

To produce the smoke the "old smokers" in Trysil used the sawdust of sallow for the fire. Towards the end of the smoking process they used to add some branches from juniper to give the fish a piquant flavour (the old ones obviously knew what they were doing). When the fish has been in the smoke for about 45 minutes (check that the bones loosen easily from the meat) it is ready for serving at once.

With the fish you might serve boiled potatoes, vegetables, a good salad, white bread or whatever you like. A full bodied dry white wine does absolutely no harm (if not too much!?)

Sour cream porridge and fish

This peculiar way of combining ingredients is a speciality in Trysil. Visitors often make grimaces when they hear that in Trysil we eat fish together with porridge. Those who want to may just go on making grimaces, but the fact is that a boiled grayling or whitefish with a fat and heavy sour cream porridge (no sugar or cinnamon!!!) makes a perfect combination.

It is not unusual to use sour cream with the fish, - the way from sour cream to sour cream porridge is not very long. Try it yourself! Grayling or whitefish is perfect, - a not too fat brown trout or an arctic char are also OK, - it is better that the fish is not too fat. Make a heavy sour cream porridge and boil the fish the usual way. Somebody also wants to add a side dish of boiled potatoes. (For my part: Sour cream porridge and fish is only sour cream porridge and fish!) A mild aquavit, if appropriate, puts the dot on the i.

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