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Winter Holiday, Ice Fishing in Norway


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Winter Holiday, Ice Fishing in Norway. Rental Cabin, Fishing Guide

As a former Norwegian and Nordic ice fishing champion, I can guide you to exciting arctic char fishing, brown trout fishing, grayling fishing, whitefish fishing, perch fishing, pike fishing and burbot fishing

Ice fishing season: From the middle of February

In Trysil you may have good ice fishing throughout the whole winter, but the best season for most of the species are from the middle of March to the beginning of May.

Ice fishing brown trout 66 cms

Weather and temperature

People from further south in Europe usually think: Ice fishing? Nix, too cold. It is not! The sunside temperature in April may come up in more than +20 C. You also get a nice suntan because of the reflex from snow and ice that might get your neighbours to ask if you have been in the Canaries or something. In March and April we often have long periods with stabile high pressures and therefore nice weather both for the fishermen and the fish.

Actual species on the ice

These species are available within reasonable distance of driving (less than 1 hour) Char, brown trout, grayling, whitefish, perch, burbot and pike. We have got two high quality char waters within the municipality. Brown trout is common in most of the waters, and a few waters are really hot spots.

The grayling can be found both in the Trysil river and in some of the waters. This fish does not have a good quality for eating at this time of the year so I would recommend that if a grayling is hooked, release it. It comes back in the summer in a much better condition, and if you are lucky it rises for just your fly!

Whitefish 63 cm 2.706 g 18.03.2004

Ice fishing for whitefish has become very popular. With a strong population of big whitefish in our river, there is no risk decimating this fish by sports fishing. As the whitefish not always is in the mood for taking a bite, it sometimes might be a trial to your patience. However, for those who are fed up with catching small fish, the whitefish, because of its size, is an interesting challenge.

The district can also offer you perch of good quality both for the sport and for the table.

Ice fishing perch

The burbot is looked upon by some fishermen as fish of lower rank because of its appearance, - but it has other qualities. This fish is always a success on the table. When the burbot can be both big and strong, and also prefers cold water, the ice fishing gives you good chances to come in touch with a real fighter.

Burbot 2003

The burbot is found in most of our waters and rivers. Fishing for burbot is in fact quite exotic, not least for the reason that this specie is most active during the dark hours.

Pike 2003

Pike is the favourite fish among many fishermen. Ice fishing for it may sometimes wear on your patience, but suddenly it is there, big and heavy. Some other times you can experience that the pikes uninhibited are attacking your bait. The pike is available in many of our waters and rivers, and we do have some real pearls as pike fishing are concerned.

Brown trout April 2003

Beautiful brown trout on the ice.

Pearch April 2003

Pearch in the morning sun.

Roach April 2003

Nice roach.

Grayling 1.050 g

Grayling 1.050 g.

Whitefish 1.720 g

Whitefish 1.720 g.

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