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Fly Fishing Grayling in Norway. Fly Fishing Guide. Rental Cabins

Gjerfloen Flyfishing in Trysil, the first graylingzone in Norway with catch and release and bag limit

Brown trout fishing, ice fishing, rental fishing gear and Gjerfloen Flyfishing knife. Catch reports, water temperature, water flow and water level in the Trysil river on the "News"page.

God Jul


The fly grayling landed on the shortest day of 2020.

Gjerfloen Flyfishing grayling

Gjerfloen Flyfishing in Trysil, was the first fly fishing zone for grayling fishing in Norway. 0000000 Read more


Fly zone cabin

Accommodation in rental cabins located near the fishing waters in peaceful environments. 0000000+ Read more


Guide and guest

An experienced fishing guide can show you the hot spots where the good brown trouts and graylings are hiding. Read more


Map of Gjefloen Flyfishing

On the map you can your way to fly fishing holiday on Gjerfloen Flyfishing, Norway. 000000000 Read more

Ørret Landsjøen

Try fly fishing for brown trout from boat or belly boat on our beautiful lakes in Trysil. Rental cabin 15 metres from the bank. Video 0000 Read more


My sister's paintings. Read more

- Waders and flyrods can be rented. 0000000000000 Read more
- Combine the ski holidays with ice fishing for arctic char, brown trout, pike or perch on our lakes in Trysil. Read more
- Hunting capercailzie in the Trysil forests. 000000000 Read more
- From salmon fishing with spears to fly fishing zone and bag limit. Ancestors hunting bears with muskets. Read more


Fishing license: NOK 185 per day

  • Maximum size: 38 cm

  • Baglimit: 1 fish / day

  • Updated: February 2023

    Statistics on the News page

Text & photos: Snorre Grønnæss
Translation: Snorre Grønnæss
Design: Snorre Grønnæss / Robert Isaksson

Gino Cozijns, Belgium


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Video from Gjerfloen Flyfishing and other fisheries in Trysil. By Pascal Gerits, the Netherlands.



 Fishing tip!

Always bring a wading stick!


Get the updated weather forecast for Trysil area.

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Get the updated waterlevel report from Nybergsund.

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