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Hunting fields in Trysil, Norway


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Hunting wood grouse in Trysil, Norway. Capercailzie and Black Grouse

Hunting in our forests in Trysil together with your friends will give you exciting wild life experiences and memories for life. There is also a chance that you might come home with a or a black grouse in your back sack.

In our forests in Trysil, you can find various and rich populations of wild animals and birds. Harvesting by hunting in harmony with nature has long traditions in our region.

Hunting wood grouse in Trysil

The hunting is organized by an organization consisting of private landowners called "Søre Trysil Utmarkslag". The hunting licence is covering an area of 165 km2. The hunting territory is localised at both sides of the Trysil river, near Plassen, close to the Swedish border in the southern part of Trysil municipality.

Our hunting fields consist of various types of forest terrain. The fields are smoothly hilly which also makes it accessible for the senior hunters.

Actual hunting objects are...

Wood grouse, black grouse and hare. The hunting licence also gives you permission to go hunting for ducks, foxes and some other species. Hunting seasons: 1) 10th - 23rd of September. 2) 2nd of October till the 23rd of December.


You can stay overnight in cabins at various standard and cost.

Asmund Mellemsater


Just Schakenda

Geir Olav Paulsen, Egil Bjorkas, Knut Stian Myklevik, Arild Soilen




Please, see also the hunting area on the "Map" page

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