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Fly Fishing in Trysil, Norway. Fly Fishing Guides and Riverkeeper

Our fishing guides, Kenneth and Ståle, can show you the hot spots where the good graylings and brown trouts are hiding.

It is of considerable importance to me as riverkeeper, to explain that our harvesting must be in harmony with nature.

Riverkeeper and fishing guide

Riverkeeper Snorre Grønnæss


More than 60 years ago I made my first fumbling attempts to wrest nature from its secrets with a fishing rod in hand. Since then it's been years and years with different sorts of fishing.

Mattias Svensson

The guide, Kenneth (left) together with guest Mattias Swensson, Sweden. Mattias landed together with the guide 65 graylings the 16th of October 2014

I have also had a good opportunity to see how the fishing has been influenced by the increasing damage our industrial development has caused to the nature and environment. I have been occupied with pedagogical activities for 40 years, - and feel that as fishing guide and riverkeeper, I have the sufficient "luggage" to give the younger generation, in particular, a deeper understanding of why we in Gjerfloen Flyfishing are managing our fishery the way we do today.

Guest and guide

Having had sports fishing as an absorbing interest and hobby for many years, you will sooner or later reach to a point that killing a fish is an anticlimax. You spend more of the time focusing more on the nexus of cause and effect, experimenting and new methods. (Piscator non solum piscatur).

For the fishing guide, it is an exciting challenge to help others to success. It is always an indescribable satisfaction to enjoy oneself together with a novice who just caught his first fish.

Flyrods and waders can be rented!

Fly fishing guide and guest
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