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Norway. Brown trout fishing in Trysil. Rental cabin, guide and boat

You can go fishing for brown trout and perch from a boat or a belly boat, while you through swarms of may flies can watch your children at the cabin on the beach.

Landsjøen is a high quality brown trout lake in the south east of Norway, located east of the Trysil river. Season for may fly hatching is June and July.

Season for brown trout fishing: June - August. Boats with motor engines are not allowed on this lake.

August is season for mushrooms and blue berry.


Landsjøen is an exceptionally beautiful place, perfect for those who want to spend the summer holiday in calm nature, and peaceful forest surroundings. The lake is 2,1 km long and 1 km wide, 500 m above sea level. The lake is located 10 km from Plassen east of the Trysil river.

Brown trout Landsjøen

Productivity and regulations

Landsjøen lies on very productive soil. The water is clear and the lake is very fertile. This water therefore produces trout and perch of outstanding quality. The high quality of the fish also shows a population in good balance. This indicates that reasonable regulations have been practiced over a long time. Only sports fishing with rods are allowed. Fishing with nets has been forbidden for more than 40 years. Boat engines not allowed.


My grandchild Magnus (8) at Landsjøen August 2014


Here you can catch wild brown trout of superb quality, average weight 1 kg. You can also catch very nice perch, normal size: 100 - 400 grams. Perches more than 1 kgs are caught every year. Here are also minnow and burbot. Pike does not exist in this lake.


Brown trout fishing

Fishing from the bank is not very productive here, - this means you are depending on a boat, canoe or belly boat to reach the fish. This lake just seems to be created for fishing from a belly boat. What could bring a flyfisherman closer to paradise than surfing around in a belly boat on a beautiful and peaceful lake with brown trouts rising in all directions?


Perfect for family holiday

In this lake you can practice interesting fishing for all on different stages of sports fishing development, - everything from the easier fishing for perch on shallow waters to the more challenging brown trout fishing with a fly rod in hand. In periods with sunny weather the surface water by the banks gets warm. This makes a perfect playground for the children! August is the perfect month for picking mushrooms and blue berry. Two boats.



My grandchild Aksel (3) at Landsjøen July 2017




Landsjoen_hytte2Landsjøen cabin and location

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10.06.2003, 53 cm

10.06.2003, 53 cm.

10.06.2003, 43 cm

10.06.2003, 43 cm.

08.06.2003, 54 cm

08.06.2003, 54 cm.

08.06.2003, 51 cm

08.06.2003, 51 cm.

08.06.2003, 44 cm

08.06.2003, 44 cm.

08.06.2003, 42 cm

08.06.2003, 42 cm.

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Brown trout

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